kultur360: informed analysis of contemporary German-speaking society and culture.

Kultur360 is an independent webspace producing original content and analysis about contemporary society and culture in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Founded in 2014 by a group of Canadian academics, kultur360 seeks to bring accessible research, information, and opinion about central Europe to an English-speaking audience.

In determining content for our site, we are guided by one question: does it tell us something important or interesting about German-language society and culture today?

Why kultur360? We want to give you a well-rounded view of the German-speaking world. Our goal is to provide a space where analysis and discussion on all manner of “things German” can take place. We do not wish to write for ourselves, but for the broadest audience possible. Contemporary German-speaking culture and society is interesting, controversial, and dynamic, and we think it needs a site that can present it in all its diversity to the English-speaking world. We aim to be that site.

kultur360 can be used by anyone: people interested in Germany, journalists seeking good information about Germany today, students and instructors looking for authentic materials about German culture and society. Any information presented on this site may be used freely and without restraint for any non-commercial purpose. We ask that you inform us if you make use of anything you find here.


Our editorial team:

Christina Kraenzle, York University
James M. Skidmore, University of Waterloo

Janet Janzen, University of Manitoba
Annika Orich, University of California at Berkeley