Where do you really come from? Racism in Berlin

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“Where do you really come from”, color photograph by Isaiah Lopaz, 2016. Photographed by Richard Hancock. All rights reserved.

In November 2016 The New York Times published a profile of Isaiah Lopaz, a black American artist living in Berlin. The article, which discussed how the artist had turned racist comments directed at him into a photography project, garnered a lot of attention in the German press. kultur360’s James Skidmore caught up with Mr. Lopaz by telephone to discuss his experiences of racism in Germany. His blog Him Noir “seeks to create an open dialogue about race”; you can see many of the photos from this project there.

This interview was prepared with the assistance of Sara Ghaffarian.

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About the Author

James Skidmore, co-editor of kultur360, teaches German Studies at the University of Waterloo.


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