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Sebastian Schipper's one-take film Victoria is still generating interest.

Munich is building affordable housing atop parking lots Like many other cities, Munich is faced with less and less space, but more and more people. It has to find a way to develop new housing in an urban area that has a finite – and dwindling – amount of space available. One proposal, reported...

Germany's behaviour during Greek financial crisis comes back to haunt it

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei makes an artistic statement on the European refugee crisis

Angela Merkel has been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2015.

Is Germany's Energiewende becoming too expensive?

Angela Merkel has been in office for 10 years: media gushing can't be stopped.

"It was obvious that [Nadoo] is a person who polarizes, but the vehemence of the reactions surprised us. We have misjudged the issue."

A German border city embodies the tensions seen throughout Germany as the country comes to terms with the refugee crisis.

A photo essay about the tenants of a crumbling apartment building near Berlin

It's not a fence, it's "special construction measures."

Has the German Willkommenskultur given way to something more sinister?

Can Germans overcome their respect for regulations and cross against a red light?

According to Jürgen Habermas, "the increasingly high-pitched appeal by politicians to 'our values' sounds ever emptier."

Migration dominates Swiss parliamentary elections

Germany's 1-0 loss to Ireland in the Eurocup qualifying match was not the only bad news that week.

Roger Cohen of "The New York Times" and Jochen Bittner of "Die Zeit" exchange letters and barbs about Germany's role in the world.

Conservative partners in Germany's governing coalition want "transit zones," reject criticism that these are "camps."

How hard can it be? A professor of linguistics seems to think it's pretty hard.

merkeln = to merkel, to make no decisions

The unique musical world of the German producer / composer / pianist Nils Frahm.

The former Third Reich airfield is full of smoke - from the grills of asylum seekers.

The New York Times thinks so.

Angela Merkel is now being tipped as a future winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

So look at the pictures instead.

Why is Horst Seehofer cozying up to Viktor Orbán?

Watch the trailer to Victoria, Sebastian Schipper's one-take sensation.

The Lichtgrenze (Border of Light) memorial project.

German graffiti is playful - and edgy.

North American university students don't want to learn German.