Berlin’s Manhattan

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The other Manhattan: Germany’s crumbling eastern blocks – in pictures

From The Guardian comes a photo essay by Berlin photographer Stephanie Steinkopf drawn from her award-winning project “Manhattan – Street of Youth.” A graduate of the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin, Steinkopt has garnered attention for unblemished portraits of people and their immediate surroundings.

In this series we see photos of a number of people who live in two highrises nicknamed Manhattan located in Oderbruch near Berlin.

Manhattan is simultaneously the epitome of economic prosperity and a place of defeat. Nearly every village resident lived here for some part of their life. Today one block is vacant. In the other, only 12 apartments are inhabited. Since the reunification in 1989, almost everything has structurally collapsed. No one moves here anymore. Everyone who is able, leaves.

Stephanie Steinkopf

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