Victoria is still making waves

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Over at Vice the Sebastian Schipper film Victoria is still generating interest. Considered one of the most interesting films to emerge from Germany in years, the film garnered attention for its format: the entire feature-length film is done in a single shot by a single camera. When Rod Bastanmehr first reviewed the film for Vice in November 2015, he was impressed, but still had reservations:

Shot in 22 different locations across two neighborhoods in Berlin between the hours of 4:30 and 6:48 AM, Victoria is a genre movie told in real time in a single steady, unbroken scene. It’s taut, at times sweet, often stressful, and surprisingly intimate. It’s also a total stunt. It’s not the first film of its kind, but it may be the best.

Rod Bastanmehr

Now Oliver Lunn has published an interview with Schipper in which the director explains how the film was made. To read Bastanmehr’s film review, go to To read Lunn’s interview, go to And don’t forget to read kultur360′s own review by Christina Kraenzle.

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