Audiences play the leading role at Ludwigshafen's Festival of German Film

Germany’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at this year’s Oscars is not the heavy historical drama North American audiences have come to expect.

A docudrama navigates the gay community of 1950s Zurich.

Maggie Peren's film "Colour of the Ocean" questions some basic beliefs about refugees.

Sebastian Schipper's one-take film Victoria is still generating interest.

Germany's entry for the foreign language Oscar is a largely conventional German historical film

The unique musical world of the German producer / composer / pianist Nils Frahm.

The drama, featuring “the most handsome lovers of the Berlinale,” explores the difficulty of existing outside of heteronormative and socially prescribed life plans in present-day Germany.

The Goethe-Institut Toronto's program curator talks about her interest in contemporary German cinema.

Budding romance gives way to a gritty gangster story. And it's all shot in a single 140-minute take.