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Recent Perspectives

What life is like for a Canadian in Berlin.


David Voss is not only a graphic designer, he's the voice of a creative class that has helped revitalize Leipzig.


The Unword of the Year isn't just about making fun of new German words, it's about making a political statement.


What can be done to get North American university students to study German?


Timur Vermes's "Look Who's Back" is another attempt to spin humour out of Hitler. Why is it so popular?


Recent Extras

Germany’s woes in football and economics

Germany's 1-0 loss to Ireland in the Eurocup qualifying match was not the only bad news that week.

Two journalists discuss German complacency

Roger Cohen of "The New York Times" and Jochen Bittner of "Die Zeit" exchange letters and barbs about Germany's role in the world.

Refugee transit zones

Conservative partners in Germany's governing coalition want "transit zones," reject criticism that these are "camps."

Saying “the” in German

How hard can it be? A professor of linguistics seems to think it's pretty hard.

Angela Merkel inspires new German word

merkeln = to merkel, to make no decisions

Oddball musician becomes outsider hero

The unique musical world of the German producer / composer / pianist Nils Frahm.

The former Third Reich airfield is full of smoke - from the grills of asylum seekers.

Have Germany’s east-west scars healed?

The New York Times thinks so.

Angela Merkel: “surprising moral leader”

Angela Merkel is now being tipped as a future winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Vienna’s art scene is too cool for words

So look at the pictures instead.

Not everyone in Bavaria is welcoming refugees

Why is Horst Seehofer cozying up to Viktor Orbán?

Victoria: Trailer

Watch the trailer to Victoria, Sebastian Schipper's one-take sensation.

Lichtgrenze video

The Lichtgrenze (Border of Light) memorial project.

German graffiti

German graffiti is playful - and edgy.

German in a multicultural world

North American university students don't want to learn German.